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We do monthly and quarterly reviews to confirm you are on the best hourly plan for your needs.

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Under Budget?

If you are under your contracted hours by more than 10%, we will contact you to offer additional services or reduce your hourly plan going forward to save you money.

Over Budget?

If you go over your contracted hours, a 10%-time buffer will protect you so you don’t incur unexpected costs. We will discuss increasing your hourly plan to better meet your needs.

When you grow as a company, we want to grow along with you. It’s all about relationships.

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Social Media Management

use the power of community to grow your business

A SB Tech Guys Social Media manager will manage your social channels, engage your audience, maintain your publish schedule, and more.

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Podcast Production

promote your business or service as an industry expert

Podcasting is an excellent marketing tool to promote your business or service, present information and set you up as an industry expert.

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Virtual Assistant Services

off-sight, outsourced, support services for your business

SB Tech Guys offers US-based, virtual/executive assistants to take your business to the next level.

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Basic Analytics Service

make sense of the business data that affects your bottom line

Business decisions are best made when data is available and easy to understand. Our basic analytics package will enable you to use what you have more efficiently.

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Advanced Analytics

formulate a data driven culture within your organization with meaningful insights

Business decisions are most impactful when made with the context of all affected areas. Our premiere analytics package helps you formulate a data driven culture within your organization.

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Accounting Services & Support

partner your entrepreneurial spirit with sound financial perspectives

When it comes to creativity and strategy, we think like business owners. When it comes to compliance and accuracy we think like financial professionals.

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Small Business Smart-Forms

robust, intelligent forms, that respond to your clients’ needs

SB Tech Guys builds robust, intelligent forms, that respond to your clients’ needs.

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Discovery Hour

one free hour of discussion-based consulting

For all interested, potential clients, we provide one free hour of discussion-based consulting. We use this hour to get to know you and the needs of your company, while at the same time, you discover if Small Business Tech Guys is a fit for your business.

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