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Business Services

SB Tech Guys provides everything your small business needs to run smoothly and efficiently! Including Consulting, HR Services, and Document Creation.

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Social Media Services

We will provide you with the ability to maintain a presence on social media, even when you may be too busy to do it yourself.

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Security Services

Our team provides tools to increase your security and to protect your companies information.

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Radio Services

At SB Tech Guys we provide small businesses with services to help start and produce podcasts to benefit and promote your business.

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IT Services

We provide small businesses IT Tech Support, and other IT Services to ensure your tech systems don’t go down when you need them the most.

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Cloud Services

We also provide small businesses with Cloud Services, including Accounting Services, using QuickBooks Online and Inventory management solutions, via Fishbowl.

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At SB Tech Guys,
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Under Budget?

If you are under your contracted hours by more than 10%, we will contact you to offer additional services or reduce your hourly plan going forward to save you money.

Over Budget?

If you go over your contracted hours, a 10%-time buffer will protect you so you don’t incur unexpected costs. We will discuss increasing your hourly plan to better meet your needs.

We do monthly and quarterly reviews to confirm you are on the best hourly plan for your needs.
This win-win approach ensures that all interests are aligned.

When you grow as a company, we want to grow along with you. It’s all about relationships.

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